Y’all know I’m usually on the front line back line of fashion trends and that may be the case today as well. But I am now the proud owner of feathers in my hair.

Also. Let me just go ahead and say. I’m sure these are not real feathers from real birds. No way. The colors are too crazy. These are fake feathers. But I love them just the same.

These feathers are put in your hair just like extensions, except, you know, they are wildly colored, not matching your own hair. Do you love or WHAT?!? We live in a funny world.

My hairstylist, Anna, is also a good friend and she was all, “Annie. What colors do you want? Let’s do this thang!” And I was all, “It’s almost my birthday. Let’s do blue. I LOVE BLUE.”

And then she proceeded to put the blue one in. A vivid and fluffy and totally Annie blue one. And then she put in a yellow one. And then, just for good measure, a brown and khaki striped one.

I. Know.

I love them too.

[And by the way, when my hair is down, you can’t see all the crazy of the blue. So don’t worry- it doesn’t look that out of place. I think you were worried. Don’t be.]

Back to the feathers-in-hair situation. I’m a bandwagon trendy kind of girl- if everyone else loves it, I usually do too… at some point. And that is definitely happening here – as in, I may have missed the arc of popularity, which I am okay with/used to, but better late than never.

But these three feathers mean more to me than just being trendy.

[You’re gonna have to go with me on this one. It is a bit of a stretch when I’m explaining it, but it makes total sense to my heart...]

I leave Nashville this week and I won’t be back until December. I am super excited about the opportunity to go to Scotland, but I am also SUPER DEE DUPER sad about leaving Nash.

I love this place. I love these people. I love them so much.

And every time I look in the mirror, I now have a bright happy blue reminder of my home. I’ve been marked by my people and no matter where on Earth I go, I look like I belong in Nashville. I look like my people.

Maybe it feels like a tribal marking.

Maybe it feels like blue skin from The Hunger Games series.

Maybe it is just a simple reminder of home.

My emotions calmed significantly today and I thought about the feathers. I’ve been HIGHLY EMOTIONAL DEAR HEAVENS for the last two days, but something about these feathers said to my brain, “this is your home. You fit here.”

And these feathers remind me of home. Of my people. Of arms wrapped around each other and laughter and serious moments. Of hugs and I love you’s and the gift of community that I’ve been given. Of these friends who showed July 4th what a real celebration looks like and of the other friends in this town that have also grown to be family.

So forgive me if blogging is a bit scarce for the next week-ish. Thursday is my birthday [yay! 31! I love my 30s! seriously!] and then I leave Nashville on Friday and then I fly to Scotland on Monday.

The next few days are filled with meaningful dinners, hugs whenever I want, celebrating brand new engagements [three this week!] and brand new pregnancies, birthday meals, and tears galore.

I’ll be that magic combo of mourning and celebrating, crying and laughing, and pretty much being a complete hot mess.

Doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging, what with the crying and laughing and packing and hugging and goodbyes and all.

Pray for me, if you will. I’m grateful for the opportunity to live out the truth that God means more to me than anybody else, but leaving my friends is breaking my heart.

I’m also grateful today for these crazy feathers. Because I know when I see them, I will think of Nashville. And home won’t feel so far away.

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