Two years ago, my mother purchased for me a beautiful blue dress. It fit so sweetly and had a bubble bottom. [Not me. The dress.]

I love it.

But I tend to “overwear” things. Meaning, I wore this dress to Brooke’s wedding, then NYE 2008, then possibly NYE 2009, and Emily’s wedding and well, it’s been done.

So I had a dream. A dream to wear the dress again.

With flowers.

I figured if I could just overly accessorize, distract the eyes of my fellow attenders away from “hey hasn’t Annie worn that a lot?” to “look…..ffllllloooowwweeerrsss”.

[That makes it seem that my friends are idiots. They aren’t.]

I decided to go for it so I headed to Etsy, because I love the homemades. Are you with me? LOVE LOVE one-of-a-kinds.

And bah-dah-bing: I found BIEN AIME.

And then, I may have died for just a short minute when I found this flower/ribbon combo (except mine is pinks, vs. black and white).

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Sweet Cara at BIEN AIME made sure that the flower belt got to me in plenty of time to head to Kansas City. It was wrapped in such a lovely way and she included a cute raspberry-colored rose pin [that I proudly wore on my sweater yesterday].

So though I may have worn the dress for the umpteenth time this weekend, I threw in some new flair, giving it a chance to live one more day.

[Forgive the extreme amounts of awkward on my face. We had to take a lot of pictures to make me happy on Saturday. You know, ladies, just one of those days.]

Focus on the flowers. Focus on the flowers.

So so pretty, right?

And all thanks to Cara at BIEN AIME. Me thinks you should check that Etsy shop out. I am somewhat addicted.

And yes. I will retire the dress soon.


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