Generational budness.

First of all, many of you are curious as to the reasons behind turning your router off at night/whether it should be in your bedroom.  Because I just do as I’m told by doctors, I didn’t really ask him any questions.  But I’m doing some research, so as soon as I know, you’ll know.

On to my yesterday….

Let me start by defining “generational budness”- pretty much, it’s hanging out with people in any age bracket, all willy nilly, because they are fun friends to have.  Like BACK HERE when we all went to the lakehouse.  And yesterday I had a full day full of good timin’ budness.  [As evidenced by my fashion choice- the favorite fleece.]


Kathleen and I have been working on this craft project for a while now. I’ve wanted a tshirt quilt for years, so my friend Candace and I *attempted* to make one.  Pretty much we stitched these tshirt backs to a sheet.  It was a really dumb idea good try.  But over Thanksgiving while I was home, Kathleen and I started from the beginning and made a tshirt quit for realz.  Here we are sewing the buttons on that will hold the batting in place so I can wash this puppy in the machine.

Here is the finished product.  Drool if you will, because I think it is gorgeous.  My friend Mikey B said, “You have to hang that on the wall.  That is art, not a blanket.”  AH-greed.  But apparently he didn’t read yesterday’s post because I’m already planning to add this new quilt to my pile of blankets that I use on a nightly basis.


Here we are.  Basking in the glory of completed craft.


Then, because Kathleen needed proof that I would truly be warm under the new quilt, she had me and Anne (her daughter) get under the blanket.  I LOVE THIS QUILT.  And this family.


In fact, not only did they practically make the quilt [I pretty much stood there and ironed], they feed me at family dinner, and they buy me beautiful and meaningful gifts, like this necklace.


Then the generational budness continued as I headed to the Bedingfield home. We watched Dave Barnes‘ comedy DVD [which was a holiday treat], ate peanut brittle, and laughed a lot.  I believe we exceeded our government allowance of jokes and good times by quite a bit.  We also gave Marie Claire a little surprise- after Thanksgiving we went to the GAP and Marie FELL IN LOVE with this purple pea coat.  And because we love moments like this one, we bought the jacket for her.  And that girl was surprised.


[How awesome is her face right here in the bottom left corner?  Totally made the whole thing worth it.  And… Marie Christmas?  Funny, right?  Like Merry Christmas.  Yeah, I probably think that is significantly funnier than it really is.]

Well, instead of some super hilarious joke at the end [which I could do], or some mushy talk about how great my friends are [which I could also do], I instead have to hurry up and post this sucker.  My friends Lady Antebellum are performing on the Today Show in just a few minutes, and I think I would really get mocked openly if I said, “Sorry I missed your song, I was busy blogging.”

Marie Christmas.

[It just doesn’t get old. I’m still laughing. Sue me.]

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