Georgia Bulldogs. Let’s get this over with.

It’s awful.

I can’t even hardly bear it.

I’ve never known anything like this season.

1 win? 4 losses?


Better question- WHO.WILL.GET.FIRED.FIRST?

And what does one do when their team is the worst in the SEC? I’ve no idea. Anybody from Vandy wanna tell me? [ZING!]

But seriously.

Vandy is gonna mop the grass with us in a few weeks. Auburn will be a shame. Georgia vs. Florida? Don’t even get me started. And those nerds at Georgia Tech are already salivating. Thanksgiving weekend has never looked so grim.

The only week I’m anticipating is November 20th…. because it’s our off week.

Listen. I’m not a fair weather fan. [AND THIS AIN’T FAIR WEATHER.] But this just hurts. It hurts so deep. We have great recruiting classes. We have a truly wonderful coach. So what in the world is happening?



It breaks my heart. My red and black heart. My bulldawg nation heart. My Georgia born Georgia bred heart.

To add insult to injury, I had a similar complaint last year… when we were 3-2!! THREE AND TWO!! What I would give to be 3-2 this year.

And in 2008, I complained about a WIN. Good gracious. I’ve been a spoiled dawg all these years.

It’s just challenging- I’m not changing my loyalty or picking a new team. I wouldn’t dare. But the pain is real in times like this- times when we might not win another game. Or, at best, we will have a losing season. A LOSING SEASON.

I just died a little.

Go ahead. Tell me. How was your Saturday? How did your team do? Brag if need be. I can handle it.

Go dawgs. Sigh……

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