GHANA Day -1

I figure that today is “Day -1” since we leave tomorrow. Actually, we leave the house in 9 hours. Oh heavens.

I’m making a new attempt on this trip. Thank you, Mallory, for your inspiration. I’m going to embrace all that is out of my comfort zone. I have a comfort zone about the size of a dining room table but somehow I manage to stay within it most of time time. Pretty much Ghana is the antithesis of my dining room/comfort zone/table.

So, I’m not wearing a watch. I’m not taking any makeup. (Yikes, I know, but really, if we’re going to be sweating that much and it will run off my face in thirty minutes, I might as well throw money out the airplane window- if it rolled down) I’m not going to wear jeans. **gasp** I’m going to ATTEMPT to be complaint free. (I’m sure Ryan will help with that if I request) And that one is a big deal because I HATE being hot and it’s going to be quite steamy the whole time we are there.

Here are some other things I plan to do in Ghana:
1) See Tatum (that’s pretty much guaranteed)
2) Lay on a beach- not on a towel, actually on the sand. And I hate the way sand feels when it’s in your bed or on the couch. But how many chances am I going to have to lay directly on a Ghanaian beach?
3) Take time to remember what Ghana smells like.
4) Spend about as much time looking at the scenery as I plan to spend reading my book. (maybe come up with some sort of mathematical equation- it’s a long flight- I have time for those things)
5) Purchase something that will actually mean something to me.
6) Choose to not care about how many of you have emailed me. (As you know, I LOVE email, blog, myspace, etc. and it about ruined our last family vacation because I just wanted to be checking my email- of course, a boy was involved, which is not the case this trip, but none the less…..)
7) In the words of Jim Eliot, wherever I am, be all there.

Pray for us- for Dad’s back (biggest deal), for my complaining ways, for our family to not kill each other, for the Mozley family to not kill us, for all our luggage to get there (unlike in Italy and I still haven’t recovered from Dad having to wear Sally’s clothes), for Tatum to be okay when we leave, for our health and safety, for Ma and Colonel (who are not coming, obviously, but just pray that they are okay while we are gone), and anything else that you think of.

Keep checkin’ back. I’ll be on here as much as possible. Surely something funny will happen in Ghana that will be worth your time. If not, I apologize in advance.

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