Good intentions don’t make for good blog posts.

Because I spent 2.5 hours in the kitchen yesterday baking and icing cakes.

And my intention was to make it into a few blog posts for your viewing, reading, and baking pleasure.

And I photographed every step because I used my Big Top Cupcake Bake Set and took lots of pictures and created funny captions in my mind as I went and I laughed out loud more than once.

[Because I tend to think I’m far more hilarious than anyone else thinks I am.]


My camera, sitting quietly on the window sill above the sink, decided to do a double back tuck with a full twist dive into a bowl full of water.

The camera got a great score from the Russian judge, but the splash was too much for the Korean judge.

[Personification is all the rage this season.]

As for me, it was full on panic.

I dropped a cupcake mid-icing swirl and scooped out my camera. I shook it [like a Polaroid picture] and ejected my memory card and battery. Then I shook it some more. Then I blew into it like we used to do to Nintendo cartridges.

Then, in my typical out-of-sight-out-of-mind fashion, I threw them on the back porch in the sunshine and got back to icing the cupcakes.

Now he sits, that Greg Louganis of a camera, in a cup full of brown rice. I’m hoping brown rice does the trick from diving cameras like white rice does for cell phones that take a dip in Diet Coke.

So hopefully later this week I can show you pictures from my dry and working camera- pictures of the huge blue Kansas University cupcake and all the hilarity that went into making it.

Or I’ve just wasted a perfectly good box of Uncle Ben’s whole grain brown rice.

And that would be a real shame.

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