Good people.

They just are. Here’s our team, minus the last two who are coming tomorrow. (Booyah!)

This is also minus our pastor, Tom. He sadly had to go back to the States this morning. His son was injured in an accident and he has a fractured skull and is in intensive care in the hospital in his college town. Please take a minute to pray for Tom as he is arriving in Atlanta at 7:30pm and going immediately to the hospital. Also pray for Mason, his son, and pray for a quick recovery. He’s talking and stuff, so we are hoping he will be out of ICU quickly. Pray for the rest of the family as well as they wait on Tom to arrive.

Continue to pray for our team- we plan for camp all day tomorrow. May the Lord help us remember all the things we need to get done. Cause we all know I won’t remember. Sheesh.

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