Green salsa.

An Ode To Green Salsa

Dearest Green Salsa, it is you that we love.

We feel that you are a blended gift from above.

They offer us one bowl, we laugh in their faces.

And quickly three more are set in their places.

We pour over stories while you pour on a chip.

With our ears we listen, with our hands we dip.

It’s not that the red ones aren’t delicious as well.

You’re just something special- you have cast a spell.

There’s no one like you, Green Salsa, with your onions and spice

and cilantro that chopped and whirred up so nice.

Sure, we lost a few drops on our shirts or the table-

But we sopped it up, if we were able.

 So Green Salsa, we love you. We believe in your power.

We’d eat you all day, no matter the hour.

We salute you, us four, and the way that you greet us

and confess today that we feel you complete us.

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