Guapo and NaBloPoMo

It’s about this time every night, that as I am laying in bed, blogging, reading, cross-stitching, or organizing my files, that my neighbors lose their dog. I don’t mean that they call their dog home- I mean they lose the dog and search frantically to find him. I don’t know how or why it happens every night. But it does. (I think I’m going to buy them a fence for Christmas.) In just the last four minutes since I have started this blog, I have heard 3 different voices yell (the woman very panicky) “GUAPO!” and now the son is crying because Guapo has escapo-ed.

Guapo must not be too rapido because he gets caught every night. It only takes about 5 minutes to find Guapo. Based on this nightly occurrence, I have come up with some thoughts on this dog.

Guapo must be a dark colored dog.
Guapo must be relatively small.
Guapo is a free spirit, a roamer.
Guapo likes to play games.
Guapo may not speak Spanish.

As of right now, Guapo’s owners have either a)found him or b)given up, and I can move on. Gracias.

My sweet friend Lanier has my mind all crazy about this idea that one could write a novel in a month. I think my friend Caroline could do it. Actually, I’m about 100% sure she could. (Go for it, CBed!!) But, as for me, that seems a little daunting and life-absorbing. Though I will be the first to admit that I love life-absorbing things (i.e- MTV marathons, blogstalking, Real Simple magazine, trying to make the perfect buttermilk biscuit, etc.), I decided not to try to write a book in a month. BUT……

I am going to blog every day for a month. Luckily, November is also National Blog Posting Month!! Now this, I can do. Blog daily? Maybe win prizes? I’m so in … it’s not even funny.

This could be really good for my blogmies or really bad. Depending on my blog-muscles. Because in about a week, I’m probably gonna start turning out a lot of blog poo in order to complete the challenge. I take it back, I might make it through a few weeks of decent blogging before it gets ugly. But really, I think the Guapo story is pretty low achieving, so just plan on reading things more along that level.

Ok, blogmies and blog-2-facers, who’s in? Who wants to join me for NaBloPoMo? We could have a serious Blog-2-Face throwdown at the end of the month. Comment and join the blog-olution. (that’s a blog revolution OR a blog solution- both excellent things.) Once we know who’s in, I’ll make a special blog-roll on the right so everyone can see who the toughest bloggers on the block are. Or they will watch us self-destruct.

But be warned- don’t make this decision lightly. The first time I read about this idea was from a blogger in NYC named Lauren. I’m not kidding, NaBloPoMo killed her blog. Dead. She just couldn’t do it anymore. So recognize that this activity is blog-life threatening.

I ain’t skeered. Are you?

P.S- Happy birthday, Tatum!!! 26 has a purpose!! Love you, sister.

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