Haircut Day 2009

Because literally, that is how rarely I get a trim.

And that’s all it ever is.  A trim.

I, my friends, am the biggest haircut wimp you have ever seen in your entire life when it comes to the cut.

Now the color? I’ll tell you, there was a season from about 2005-early 2008 where I thought if the chemical companies could create the color, I could wear it.

Not true.

And not wallet friendly.  So now, I’m back to what I lovingly call “devastatingly mousy brown”.

Here’s the pic of unwashed precut hair.  I post this for 3 reasons:

1. I have no shame.
2. I’m not afraid to say that I did not wash this hair.  If someone is about to wash it for me [which let me say is THE HIGHLIGHT of the experience for me], I am not going to prewash. That’s dumb.
3. I can’t wait for you to see how shockingly similar the After The Final Cut photo is.

So here is the before…..


The after pic will be up once I recover from the shock of my hair being exactly 1 inch shorter.

12:47pm- UPDATE: Remember that one time that things didn’t go quite as planned but I think I’m okay with it?


Hello, bangs.  Nice to meet you.  Don’t be a pain in the backside please and thank you.

Now, if I can pull off this look everyday, we’ll all stand and applaud in amazement.

Haircut Day 2009 = Success.  Big hugs to DeeDee at Elon Salon who has been cutting my hair since 1993 and still does exactly what she wants even when I say “just a trim”.

If you want, feel free to enjoy an old haircut post.  You can see in the pictures that I went from a calm winter blonde to a blazing brunette.  Lucky for me, devastatingly mousy brown is tres chic for Spring 09.

At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.  Over and over and over…..

[Sidenote: If you commented on Wednesday and are waiting to hear back from me, I’m TOTALLY going to respond today. It’s on my to do list. I promise.]

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