Happy Valentine’s Day!! (a week later… sue me.)

First of all, my best friend Haley called last night and asked about this Valentine’s gift I keep alluding to here on ye old blog. Dear real-life friends, as soon as a dude starts giving me gifts, if I have your cell phone number, I WILL BE CALLING.  You need not worry about that.  Dear bloggy-life friends, I’ll tell you, at some point, when a dude makes his moves.

So the week of Valentine’s Day, I had four [count them: four!] gifts come to my house.  I know- my well loved cup overfloweth.

First, my friend/Canadian broseph Brad sent something to help me with the writer’s conference we are all headed to in about a month.


Then, my dear friend and soon-to-be-bride Katie B sent me a little summin-summin.  She would.  She’s just like that.


My friend Kathleen and her daughter Anne sent me this lovely care package.  Kathleen SWEARS she sent it before I blogged about her, but I find that a little fishy.  I’m pretty sure she’s buttering me up to blog about her again.  And let me tell you the way to a buttered-up-Annie:  HOMEMADE CARAMEL CORN.  Booyah.


Sure, there was a time when that blue container was full of caramel corn but I’m concerned because I ate it all it disappeared.  And if you think it is cool that I now own a Dwight mousepad, I totally agree with you minus the fact that I don’t own a mouse.  Whatevs.

And finally, sweet and wonderful Patty over at the Siesta Fiesta blog had all us single ladies send in our info.  Then she partnered each of us with a married siesta and that married siesta sent a Valentine’s gift.  How absolutely lovely is that?!  Patty outdoes herself about once a week.  She rulez.

So let me introduce you to my sweet married siesta Valerie from Oklahoma.  She sent me the cutest package and it had some good lookin’ chocolate in it.  The only problem is that the mailman stuck it between the glass door and the wood door, virtually making an oven.  So the chocolates?  They were liquid.  But the rest of the amazing stuff- Oklahoma Christmas ornament included!- was awesome.


So, real-life friends and bloggy-life friends, there you have it.  The awesomeness that came through the USPS to me.  Sorry that it wasn’t from a dude.  Trust me, I’m way more sorry than you are.  🙂

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