Holiday Pause.

I’m super excited to tell y’all that an article I wrote is the front page of Radiant Magazine‘s website.

The title is “Holiday Pause”. Hence the blog title. See, I’m creative and original. So I took the picture and the title that Radiant put with my article. 🙂

You can read the article HERE! And I hope you do.

If you like it, let them know!! Send a comment to the editor. Probably don’t start it with “I’m Annie’s mother and I loved the article!!”. Unless you comment, Mama. Then I guess you can do that.

If you don’t like the article ….. uh, how bout you just tell me that. Don’t tell Radiant. Okay? 🙂

The bigger picture is this- God is opening doors to creative outlets that allow me to feel completely alive. And allow me to attempt to live a life, in full view of other people, that glorifies Him. Or so I pray.

And did you get the read the article? It’s HERE. And HERE. And HERE.

Sue me. I’m excited.

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