I’m pretty excited about this blog. Because I am blogging from the Kennesaw State University computer lab. Most of our classes are off campus, but we are getting to be on campus for November and December. Maybe I should attempt to blog from different locations this month? [Slow down, sister. One challenge at a time.]

It’s kinda fun to be in college again and being on a campus as a student. Don’t get me wrong. If I had my choosing, I would be walking at Kennesaw Mountain with Haley and Molly. But this hasn’t been so bad.

Here are some benefits to being in grad school 2 nights a week:

1) My budget has benefited greatly. You’d be surprised how much money I save by losing two social nights a week. I’m very popular, you see. [insert sarcasm here]

2) New friends. Overachievers, but the nice kind. Not the get-out-of-my-way kind. I don’t like those. I definitely scrape the bottom of the achievement barrel in this group. And I am so okay with that.

3) The end result [don’t call me out on “process” right now] is getting a raise for gaining this degree. I often have to look back at the salary pay scale to remind myself how good this will be. As in, I won’t be eating lima beans as the main course at dinner, except by choice.

4) Some old college skills have returned, such as stalking people in the parking deck to get their parking spot. We called it “vulturizing” at UGA. It’s like riding a bike- it took no time to jump right back into it.

5) I pass lots of cute boys walking to class. But let’s be honest, most of them were born when I was in middle school and it makes me feel like a bad person when I remember that.

So, it’s kinda sad that I can only think of 5 good reasons to be in college again (and one of them is mildly inappropriate). I guess I should say something about expanding my mind or improving as an educator…. blah blah blah. Fill in the blank here with whatever you wish your child’s teacher would say about getting her master’s degree.

And “hooty-hoot” refers to the KSU Owls. Just so you know.

Class is getting ready to start. The computer lab is so cold that the tips of my fingers are almost numb. Right now, I wish I was a real owl. They have feathers. And no fingers.

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