“You want mint for pillow?”

Ok, seriously. This isn’t a Tommy Boy quote off [unless you make it one in the comments, and I won’t be mad].

A few things to discuss:

A) First of all, check the AWESOME NEWS on Steve and Randel’s blog. Good gracious, you people pray some stuff into being! Can we look back a few blog posts and refocus our prayers on …. oh I don’t know …. #4 on the prayer list? Whatev. 🙂 Seriously, I couldn’t be more happy for Steve and Randel- but let’s keep praying that the deal will close. Hurry to ATL, y’all!!

B) I just watched the movie Elizabeth The Golden Age and OH MY GRACIOUS I loved it. I immediately called my generational bud-dom bfry and we discussed all manner of Elizabethan era, the monarchy in England, and Sir Walter Raleigh. Watch it. I mean this. You’ll be glad you did.

C) Ann has some pictures from our photo shoot up on her website. I feel weird saying anything else about it, except this- she is good. Real good.

D) I blame BooMama and BigMama for my new obsession. Well, I’m going to give some blame props to this guy’s wife. Because apparently Travis’s wife has the most fabulous pair of trouser jeans in the world. And I want some. Badly. It’s all I can think about…. when I think about shopping for pants. This journey is not complete. I will find you, trouser jean- you can run, with your wide cuff and straight leg, but you cannot hide.

And these are the things we’ve needed to discuss.


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