I am a writer.

Like, for my job.

So when I spent 20+ hours of my weekend writing, and then have had meetings or projects every day this week, ye old blog has been neglected.


I apologize, dear blog. And blog readers.


A bulleted list for your Wednesday explaining additional reasons why I may not have blogged in the last few days?

Yes and amen.

  • I’m headed to SheSpeaks tomorrow, which I. Am. Thrilled. About. It.
  • I’ve been prepping for that.
  • I get to see Sophie, Melanie, Shannon, Holley, Lysa, and so many other friends that I am so typing fast- if my fingers could squeal with excitement, they would be doing it now.
  • I haven’t blogged because I’ve been making sure my bills are paid. [And y’all. My bills are paid. I can’t wait to tell you the story. You’re just gonna die when I tell you how God pulled through for me.]
  • I did kind of warn you things may be slim pickins around here.
  • I have painted my fingers and toes a color that shall be called “Offensive to the Eyes Fuchsia”. And for some reason, I love it.
  • I have a hard time believing that FUCHSIA is really spelled like that. But trust me, I checked around. It looks borderline offensive. Like the color.
  • I think I’ve decided trendy = confident. You may look silly, but if you work it, people think you are trendy. True or false, Amber?
  • That isn’t explaining why I haven’t blogged.
  • I’m about to hang out with my new bloggy friend Sarah from Adding Focus
  • We’re going to eat popsicles.
  • Don’t judge me.

Tomorrow is Thursday so you know what that means: YOU-BLOGGER TIME!!  Yeeessss!!!

Peace out.

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