I am NOT the winner.

And here are some reasons why:

1) It is 11:42pm and I am just beginning my nightly internet tour. Tragic. Dear students, I apologize now for what will transpire tomorrow.

2) I have been packing my house for hours….days… a lifetime? That’s what it feels like. And in the end, it appears that I own five toothbrushes still in their original packaging. WHY?!? What person needs five extra toothbrushes? Can I add that I really despise brushing my teeth. I do not like it and you can not make me. All the more reason that I should not have so many spares. Need one?

3) I’ve had a dozen donuts …. or so ….. in my house since Saturday morning and I just have to say that I am a weak weak woman. I love them. It’s a shame. Or a skill. That’s still to be decided. Don’t judge me.

4) I know that I’ve gotten a bit of important first class mail in the last few days (uhh… bills, info on my dude Fred, Real Simple magazine… these kinds of things). But where is that mail now, you ask? In my backseat? In a trash bag? In the yard sale pile? In the refrigerator? Your guess is as good as mine. Thank you, packing Annie, for losing everything that matters. Including your mind.

5) Tomorrow is one of my favorite nights- book club!! And I have yet to finish even one of the books. Which is an embarrassment. But yes, I will still attend, dang it. Any opportunity to escape this cardboard smellin’ house, full of packed boxes and that weird random leftover minutiae, is an opportunity I will embrace.

6) We finished packing the entire downstairs yesterday- boxed, taped, and labeled. I accidentally labeled one box “ideas”- I hope ALL my ideas aren’t in there. That box won’t be opened for six months. Another box was labeled (by someone else)- “big jugs”. Ahem …. I’m leaving that one alone.

And then tonight, in a bag in the back of my closet, I found one knife. And one fork. Their future is yet to be decided.

7) I am officially eight days behind in my homework for the current Beth Moore Bible study that I am doing. For those of you BMoore fans, you know what a shame it is to get that far behind. Here’s to hoping that post-move out (Friday), I’ll have some major catchup time.

8) Trouser jeans. Where art thou? Deep sigh.

And these are the reasons that I am officially NOT the winner tonight.

But, it all feels better when I get to giveaway a free book to…..


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-03-25 03:45:36 UTC

Yahoo! Marisa works for MOCHA CLUB, an awesome ministry. And she deserves a free book for putting up with me as I stress about moving up there alone. She’s a real trooper. And I’m not even there yet. Yikes.

I’ll be sending the book to you soon, Marisa. I promise I haven’t packed it. I can see it right now across the room.

Forgive me this week as I blog either a) rarely or b) about inappropriate things. That happens when I’m tired.

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