I believe.

Carlos put this video on his blog yesterday and I thought, “I don’t want to watch 8 minutes of a guy singing”. I am a foolish child.

Because I did watch it and haven’t stopped listening to the song since. Literally. I fell asleep with my computer playing the song on repeat. It has that anointing that makes you want to carry your boom box (or laptop) on your shoulder so that your ears, and your heart, don’t have to be without those words repeating.

After you watch this one, go to YouTube and watch the story behind it. It is unreal.

This is one of those [rare] times when there really aren’t the right words for me to say about this song. It’s just beautiful.

It is so right to say to God who He is and what we believe about Him.

This CD doesn’t come out until next Tuesday, August 5. Trust me, I searched high and low for it. But you can hear the song, and watch both videos, on this website.

May your heart be moved to worship unlike any other Monday.

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