I miss youth group. Part Deux.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted since Tuesday. I’ve been busy. I’m a social butterfly. What can I say?

So I just wrote for about 45 minutes all about why I miss volunteering with the youth group today. (Hence the title- “Part Deux”.) But here’s the funny thing about me- I don’t want to rewrite it. To feel better, to feel like the situation is resolving in my heart, I just have to write it. I wrote it once. And I feel better. God and I dealt with it, I wrote about it, and now I’m set.

Here’s the summary- I miss volunteering with the youth group, but when God asks you to give up something good, it’s only because He wants to give you the best. We can all just believe that the best is on it’s way.

Now, I’m watching “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”. I probably haven’t watched this fine film since I was 9-ish years old. (Laugh if you will, but you were 9-ish once too.) It’s horrible. I have yet to find one redeeming lesson in it, except that the Alamo does not have a basement.

One of my best friends, Danielle, had her second baby on Thursday night. She’s beautiful. 1 down, 3 to go- Haley, Emily, and Jennifer- all due in January/February. I thought it was fun when all my friends got married- but that’s got nothing on them having babies. It’s awesome.

Enough rambling. I’m losing track of what’s going on with Pee-Wee, and I’ve invested so much into this movie already that I kind of feel pressure to watch to the end. Where this pressure comes from, I have no idea.

Let me also say, in honor of my cell group friends, the Varners- Go Hornets! Gary coaches at Roswell High School and they will play this Saturday night for the state championship.

Have I mentioned lately that I love blogging? Cause I do.

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