I think this is funny for a lot of reasons.

Some of my friends have started a new company in Nashville.

And because I’m a) friends with them b) on twitter and c) a sucker for sweet compliments, I agreed to help them out by posing for a picture and getting a free shirt.

I’m a giver. What can I say.

Here’s the thing. This website is cool and all, and I love my shirt, but I will say I don’t love the other shirt. A bit too much for me. Hence the reason I went with the dude shirt. But none the less, I think the idea is cool. And funny.


The other thing that is funny. My picture. Because really, how is it possible that a picture of me can look NOTHING LIKE ME. It’s not bad, it’s good photography, but I don’t think it looks like me.  Which I think is funny.

Because HELLO. I am not a model and how they managed to capture me making some sort of fierce face, I have no clue. And I’m seriously laughing out loud. You know my personality and this face is NOT my personality.

And The Bangs insisted on being the star of the show. No shock there. They are SO self-centered.

Who knew that twitter would lead to the birth of my modeling career?

And by “birth”, I mean “one-hit wonder”. Cause don’t worry, I’m not giving up any of my day jobs.

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