I just love it.

Book club, that is.

As you know, one of my favorite parts of my Marietta life was my book club. In fact, I wrote an article about it. And so when I moved to Nashville, and a new friend told me that she was in a book club, I asked to join. Sure, I didn’t know any of the girls. Sure, I had only been here 2 weeks. But I love books. So game on.

I’ve blogged about our Nash book club before, but Sunday night was the first night I got to host. And it was super-dee-duper special because the AUTHOR CAME TO BOOK CLUB.

We read Flies on the Butter by Denise Hildreth. You remember her- she interviewed me a few months ago. So because she is the coolest author I have ever dared to befriend, she came to book club.


There we are. Christina, Annie, Amber, Brooke, DENISE HILDRETH, Rachel, and your’s truly.


It was an awesome night.We sat outside on my porch [notice the awesome lights courtesy of my two Jasons]- the weather was virtually perfect. The conversation was sweet and fun and easy and enlightening.

We discussed the book, ate peach & tomato pizzas [seriously delicious- try them!], and drank coke from the bottle- a habit we picked up from the main character in Flies on the Butter.


It was just such a fun night. These girls have grown to mean a lot to me and I love the books they pick, the conversations we hold, and the time we get to spend together.

If you want to read the book we picked [or any of her other stuff because seriously the woman can put some good words on paper], you can order them HERE at Denise’s website. I am so super grateful to Denise- not only because she is a rad author, but because she is a great friend and a wise and wonderful woman.

And since we are in a book kind of mode- tomorrow, I have a free book for you from another great author. Yes, you. Free book. Get pumped.

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