If I don’t make it, you can have my car.

You may or may not recall this, but I have made a really bad decision.

I’ve paid real American money to compete in a half-marathon.

Thirteen miles.

Next Sunday.

Only nine days from today.

And seriously. What a dumb decision. I don’t like running. I never have. I loved playing soccer, but not because of the running part- because of the kicking the ball part.

In Scotland, I joined a gym and ran a bit and tried to keep up with training. But, I’ll just remind you again, I didn’t enjoy it.

I still don’t.

And I’m way behind on training.

This week, I did a four mile run. [FOUR out of THIRTEEN, mind you.] And I came close to expiring.

Not perspiring. [I was doing that. By the bucket-full.]


It was ugly.

And now I have nine days until I have to actually go for thirteen straight miles. I won’t run the whole thing. I won’t. [And you can’t make me.] But I will finish. I mean, it may take me 4-5 hours and feel like a total waste of my Sunday morning at the beach, but I’m finishing.


I just read on the website that I can actually get the new Vera Bradley bag the DAY BEFORE THE RACE. Not good- that was a major push to make me finish. Yikes. I should not have read that.

[I love Vera. I run for Vera. Sorry- I was born in Georgia. It’s in our blood.]

The only major highlight is that a handful of Nash-ladies are taking Southwest Airlines to the beach and staying in Seaside for the weekend.

I mean, I’ll enjoy Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

Sunday is still up in the air.

And if I don’t survive the race, you can have my car. And by “you”, I mean “my college friend Caren” because I’ve always promised to leave her the Camry in my will.

If I survive [I *probably* will], please don’t let me do this again.

I’m building a IT’S ONLY A HALF-MARATHON SUCK IT UP SISTER PLAYLIST to listen to while I run. I need at least 3 hours of jams. [That’s a conservative estimate…. let’s go for 4 hours.]

Help me out– what’s your favorite upbeat song?

Also– any advice for a first time [last time] half-marathoner?

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Let's be friends!

Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter. It’s all things fun with Annie.