I’m Always Me: Book Nerd Edition.

I spent my Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch reading a book.

Well. Officially. Reading a book on my Kindle.

[I know. Santa showed up in Nashville and left this for me. And I freaked. Cause hello. It’s a Kindle and I love to read and hello I love technology.]

[No Kip joke needed.]

I’m reading a book for our book club called The Help. If you haven’t read it, you. must. It’s wonderful. [My mom and my friend Carrie told me to read it- I didn’t listen. I should just listen.]

And while reading the day away, I remembered what it was like to be me. In 1987. And in 1993. And in 2001. And every year in between.

Because I. Love. To. Read.

It’s been a long time since I found a book that was this irresistible [also see: most books by Mary DeMuth, Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself, Christy, and Harriet the Spy]. But here are the signs that I have found such a book:

  1. I insist on reading while drying my hair which slows the process down significantly. And could add a full HOUR to my morning. It’s a sickness.
  2. I stay up WAY.LATE. reading every night and I usually wake up with my book (or Kindle) still tucked under my arm.
  3. I set timers/alarms. “Ok, Annie. At 4:20 you HAVE to get up and fold your laundry.” 4:20 comes, I keep reading.
  4. I take the book everywhere with me and read when I should be making friends. [Which is awesome with the Kindle because it syncs to my iPhone. Can you even BELIEVE that? They. Sync. The Jetsons have nothing on us.]
  5. When I was little, I used to read in the tub. And I would read for so long that I used up all the hot water in the house. Parents = not too pleased.

I grew up in a house where we didn’t watch TV. Reading was my main form of entertainment. And playing outside. And so I read. A lot.

And sometimes I forget that the girl that used to use up all the hot water and drop her book in the tub, the girl who carried a book in the car everywhere she went, the girl who devoured books until deep into the night…..

that girl is still here.

She sometimes gets covered up with emails, dinners out with friends, television shows, or being an adult in general, but I enjoyed being Book Nerd Annie again Sunday. And probably today. And on my flight to LA on Wednesday.

Cause I just remembered how much I like Book Nerd Annie.

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