I’m bringing you a Revelation.

Third Day Revelation

Y’all. You’ve got to go over to THIRD DAY’s website and hear their new stuff from Revelation. It’s good. Real good.

Obviously, we Mariettans are a little biased since we have loved them long time. But even if Mac wasn’t paying me, I would say this. JUST KIDDING. Mark Lee pays me. JUST KIDDING AGAIN.

I think the amazing thing about this CD is that if you pre-order it, you can listen to it right now! Almost three months before it comes out. That’s awesome.

Let me say that I do like music, obviously, but I am not a music aficionado like Brad. I can’t hear a song and tell you what instruments were used or what level the mixing quality is. When Brad blogs about this CD, and I’m sure he will, he’ll tell you how rad the technical side of this CD is. I can’t. I would sound dumb trying.

But I can tell you when I hear a band or a musician who believes what they are singing and LIVES what they sing. I don’t steer you towards any and every new CD. I steer you towards CDs from artists whom I respect as PEOPLE as well as musicians and writers. The dudes (and families) in Third Day are at the top of that list. I love ’em. I believe in the reality of their ministry. And I support them.

Here’s the video for the song, “Call My Name” off the new CD. I personally love the title song “Revelation” the most, but it fits my life today so that’s probably why. I like this one a lot too. Fine, I like them all. Sue me.

So go pre-order Revelation. Then come back and thank me like a polite person should do when given a gift of highest awesome proportions. You could write me a thank you note (LINDA!) or just comment. Both are acceptable in the South.

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