I’m going to write… and tell you some other things.

Here are two short [not comprehensive] lists.

Some things I am good at:

– making chicken and dumplings [betcha didn’t know that.]

– cheering for my favorite team until the bitter end [The Georgia Bulldogs? Have mercy.]

– wearing a lot of glitter/sequins/sparkles [I am going to write an entire post about my NYE dress. Because it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned ever and I would wear it every day if it was socially acceptable. Alas, it is not.]


Some things I am the worst at:

– keeping resolutions [read on….]

– making sweet tea [I try. I really do.]

– wearing high heels from the start of an event until the very end [I can’t and I won’t.]

. . . . .

So the fact that it is the third day of 2012 and I have only flossed 1/3 of the year when I absolutely told my dentist I would floss 365 times in 2012 does not surprise me one bit. Because something in my mind said “resolution for 2012” and something else in my brain said “nope, we don’t do those.”

[But y’all. Seriously. We should all be flossing. I’m not making an excuse for my dental behaviors, or lack thereof.]

So here’s my only plan for 2012.

I’m going to write.

[Everything else I do will be a total surprise to all of us. 🙂]

. . . . .

I still feel a bit out of sorts in my Nashville life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy. So so happy. I’m almost giggly. I’m staying with some dear friends while I search for a home and I can’t find that ONE BLUE DRESS in my storage unit that I want to wear and while some exciting things are happening, they make my life feel unstable… in a fun bounce house kind of way.

Which is why when GMail tried to change the way my inbox looked, I absolutely refused. I’m just in that place in my life where I need something to look just like it did in January of 2011 thank you very much. Also, the new design is totally ugly, isn’t it?

. . . . .

See these dots between topics? That’s because I have lost my ability to transition.

. . . . .

Have you seen the comments from the (in)courage post about being single? Whoa to the whoa. Y’all. Have you ever? I told my friends that I feel like I’ve gathered all these women together and now I have to stand in front of them and very dramatically say, “Thank you all for coming here today! I have no idea what to say to you!”

Kidding. I’ll figure it out. God is stirring up some things at (in)courage that we are going to share soon and it’s all very fun and interesting and wow.

. . . . .

Your prayers during this transitional period would be really sweet.

. . . . .

I’m really REALLY excited about 2012. Are you?

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