I’m here! I’m here!

I think this Thursday deserves a list.

1. I’m here. I’m Annie. I blog in this place. And for the last few weeks I haven’t blogged so well.

Here’s why:

– raising support for Scotland

– finding housing in Scotland

– yard sale

– speaking gig [which was a BLAST! Can’t wait to tell you about it.]

– packing my house

– quick weekend trip

– another quick 2 day trip

– POD delivered

– fill POD with all my earthly belongings

– POD filled with my earthly belongings gets picked up and taken to some storage facility that reminds me how WEIRD our world is.

– move out of my home

– finish packing for Scotland

– move in with friends for 2 weeks

– turn 31 on July 7

– go to Scotland

– speak at a camp in Scotland

I know that I’m single and only have to worry about myself, but that is still a pretty hefty to-do list between now and July 11. Not to mention, you should know by now how I feel about my day of birth.

I like it. So so much.

And when you think about the fact that I get to celebrate my birthday and people HAVE to come to the celebration because I’ll also be leaving the country so there will be tons of people together that I love whether they are there by choice or by guilt… well. It just makes me happy.

[Do you see what my birthday does to me? Makes me write ridiculously run-on sentences. It’s bad, y’all.]

[Also. Seriously, I don’t care what we do. My 30th birthday will never be matched. It was that good.]

2. You know it has been too long since I made time to blog when I can’t quit telling you side stories. It means I’ve missed you.

3. Mumford and Sons. They are still my favorite band. Just wanted you to know.

4. Someone who has seen the Niagara Falls, will you tell me what it is like?

5. I don’t know if we’ve ever talked about this. But I no longer drink sodas. I haven’t been a soda drinker since April 2008. I drink water and juice and sometimes tea. But I’ll tell you what- when it’s 107 degrees outside and all I want is to cool off, nothing calls to me like a Coke Icee. And, Heaven help me, I gave in thrice last weekend.

I’m weak, people. Weak. Tie me to the mast- let me hear the siren’s call from that deliciously cold beverage, but please take away my power to steer the ship.

6. This is a funny picture from my speaking gig on Sunday. This is after the talk when I was at the beginning stages of signing autographs, taking pictures, shaking hands and kissing babies.

[By the way, that’s my friend Molly taking the picture. Not someone who actually thinks I’m a big deal. Instead, it is someone who looks at me and says, “seriously?” when I act like I’m a big deal. I am not. At all. Which is EXACTLY why I bring her to as many events as possible. Also, she usually can sniff out M&Ms for me, which is important.]

7. I used The Message translation of Matthew 5:5 on Sunday and it.is.amazing. Here- I’ll prove it.

You’re blessed when you’re content with just who you are””no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought.”

I mean, RIGHT?!? How great is THAT? Ugh. Love love love it.

. . . . .

I like to end lists at #7 but I do have one more thing.

There are some very sad medical issues going on in families around me…

  • a baby born with hydrocephalus and a mama who ruptured her uterus and lost lots of blood
  • my friend’s Dad has aggressive cancer and is in another state so she can’t help like she wants to.
  • friend’s grandpa is 2 weeks into chemotherapy
  • high schoolers having surgeries
  • my friend Adam finding out his sinus cancer has now spread to his lungs and brain- a great husband and father of 3 little kids. Now a miracle- the real major kind- is his only hope.

There are seasons when my facebook newsfeed is full of joy and laughter, but for about 10 days it has been heartbreaking. Cancer ruins everything. Absolutely everything.

I pray for miracles AND I pray for Jesus to return quickly and make all things new.

Would you pray for these families with me?

And if you’d like, drop a prayer request in the comment section. Today we will lift each other [and the people we care about] up to God.

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