I’m in love.

I don’t know how this happened. It started so innocently. I wasn’t even LOOKING. I was just there. Helping a friend. And the next thing I know, I’m planning our future together. Isn’t that always the way it is? When you’re looking, the well is dry. But when your focus is on someone else, that’s when perfection drops in your lap.

It’s never been like this before. I mean, don’t get me wrong. There have been others. Others that were great- but nothing like this. I didn’t think it would ever be like this. This true. This pure.

I want us to be together always. “It isn’t possible, it wouldn’t work.” That’s what all the skeptics will say. But I’ll prove them wrong.

It’s new and not always comfortable. But we will get used to each other. And you’ll probably have to beg us to separate.

I know it is quick to make such huge assumptions- I mean, we just met today. You’re probably thinking I should be guarding my heart. But I KNOW this is right. I’m not afraid to say that I’m in love.

Silly as it is, I already have a picture to show you. I care about my blog community (blommunity? communiblog?). And I want you to approve of my choices.

Oh, I’m sorry…. were you thinking something BESIDES my new shoes from Target? I’m apologize for leading you astray. But they are rather fabulous, aren’t they?

And honestly, I know I’m pretty transparent, but do you really think I’m going to blog the day I meet the MAN that I fall in love with? You’re right…. I probably will.

This blog is dedicated to my friend Jennifer Haas McIntosh. She fully appreciates my blog humor (blumor? humog?).

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