I’m no quitter…..

….except when it comes to everything else but blogging.

And somehow, I still have stuff to write about. Probably because of this being in my fridge.

I bet you are surprised that more of my blogs weren’t Asian themed.

Well, we’ve survived it. You’ve been a real trooper, bloggite. You have read far more than I expected you to, or expected to ASK you to. Sorry about that.

But this has been really fun. Thanks for taking the challenge with me. And to all my blogmies who joined in on the fun, well done.

I picked up my new camera this afternoon. I was SO excited to have it for the concert tonight!

So here is my tip of the day:
When you buy a camera, buy a big memory card.

Dang. I have a memory card that holds only 9 pictures. I’ll try to make them count. Quality, not quantity….. I hope.

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