In short.

Remember how I warned you that some days I would be short on blog words? Yeah, that’s today. I’ve written somewhere in the 2,000s today. That’s right. TWO THOUSAND WORDS. Not much for a “real author”, but a bit much for a noob like me.

1. BOOK CLUB. Was awesome. We read a book that I didn’t totally love (Eat, Pray, Love). It was new age themed and the author writes during a rather selfish phase of life. BUT. Her writing style is GENIUS and I hope she meets Jesus cause I think she would really like Him. The girls in book club are awesome. We sat outside on comfy rocking chairs and talked that book to death. I’m still digesting some of our topics that I’m sure are future blog post worthy. I’m really grateful for this new group of friends. Reading friends. Booyah. Our next book is Three Cups of Tea, which may break this former elementary teacher’s heart.

2. ELECTROCUTION. It’s true. I was unplugging my computer and for some could-I-be-more-dumb reason, I pulled it out a bit then proceeded to grab the METAL part of the plug. Dear Annie, did you think the rubber was there just for looks? Uh, no. So my hands both began to vibrate at high rates of speed and I could feel the electricity pass up my arms. Yeah, scary. I survived, but I think my middle finger on my right hand is damaged. It still feels all tingly 24 hours later.

3. BLUE BIRD. Annie Parsons and I are going to the Bluebird Cafe tonight to hear a singer/songwriter Lori McKenna. I could not be more pumped.

4. THIS IS ME. Taking a break after completing a chapter of my book!! BOOYAH!! Finally. Earrings? A b-day gift from Mama Debbie. Phone? Listening to a message from my friend Hillary that could lead to some possibly unprecedented awesome in my life. In the other ear? Evan Wickham.

The hair? I know. And the clip? Its as long as my finger. Its from Scotland and its so good. (This picture is for Laura because she has a deep love for the big Scottish clip. And Laura, I looked like a fool taking this. Just so you know.)

I don’t even know myself anymore. I used hairspray today. By choice. Good gracious what is this zip code doing to me?

[Yep. This is considered a “short” blog. Heaven help me. And you.]

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