iPod + blog = iBlod or iPog?

Or maybe iBlog?

I believe strongly in the power of a well designed playlist. Not that you care about what I’m listening to presently; but really, why should you care about any of the things I write on here? (I feel like Ryan right now)

Anywho, here’s my newly created playlist-

1. Jesus Loves Me by Christy Nockels
2. Lover of My Soul by Vineyard Music Canada
3. Everlasting Love by Enter The Worship Circle (Third Circle)
4. Your Love Is Deep
5. Divine Romance by Phil Wickham
6. My Love Hasn’t Grown Cold by Bethany Dillon
7. Here Is Love by Matt Redman
8. In Your Love by Nichole Nordeman
9. Your Love Remains by Ji Lee
10. Your Love Is Extravagant by Darrell Evans
11. Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes
12. Unfailing Love by Chris Tomlin
13. Love Song by Jason Morant
14. I Am In Love With You by Darrell Evans

I linked the songs that I’ve written about at some point… hopefully to make this blog a little more entertaining for you.

Confession- I was tempted to put “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, “This Love” by Maroon 5, and “I’ll Be Loving You Forever” by New Kids On The Block (NKOTB to you true fans out there, Molly and Tatum) on this playlist.

I resisted the urge. I’m not even sure why.

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