I’m so irresolute.

No New Year’s Resolutions for me. Not a one.

I can’t do it this year.

I couldn’t recap 2009. And now I can’t pressure 2010.

I’m gonna shoot you straight, blogmie.

I’m a failure. A total ultimate no-way-around-it failure. [I know. I’m shattering your belief in my personal perfection. Sorry.] But it’s true. I’m terrible at a lot of things. [And this isn’t false humility begging for comments about how great I am. Seriously. Don’t do it.]

Cause there are things that I’m good at. Examples? If you insist.

  • folding fitted sheets,
  • cooking,
  • painting my own nails,
  • playing soccer,
  • making myself laugh,
  • making my friends laugh,
  • reading books from start to finish,
  • and a few others.

I’m willing to confess that I’m good at some things. But using January 1st as a launching point towards a better Annie has yet to be one of them.

AnnieBlogs: Failing at New Year’s Resolutions Since 1980

I kid, but you get what I’m talking about, right? This is just me saying that maybe this year, instead of making resolutions that I ABSOLUTELY promise I will complete and then proceed to fail miserably and being so discouraged that I failed again, I’m just not going to do it.

Now listen. Resolutions may work great for you because you are disciplined and enjoy the restart of January 1st. I think that’s awesome if that’s you. I can appreciate that you are that way.

I’m just not.

And I’m not going to treat January 1, 2010 as any more than another day. We had a great weekend in Nashville (an absolute deluge of engagements over Christmas [which is awesome], brunches, parties, birthdays, new friends moving to town, etc.) and I didn’t sit down one time and make “goals” or “plans” or “resolutions.”

Because I just want to LIVE 2010.

I don’t want a list to complete or a set of resolutions to accomplish. I want 365 chances to really live.

Sure, I have things I want to see happen this year. I have dreams. Goals. Plans.

But I’m going to try something different in 2010. I’m just going to give those few things to God. And I’m not going to put pressure on this Annie to do anything more than live today well. For God. For others.

AnnieBlogs: LIVING TODAY WELL since 2010

I like that.

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