It does not lie.

My blog title, that is. Have I ever explained where it came from? I don’t think so. And tonight is a quite appropriate time to share.

The dream? To be a writer. To be a creator. To glorify God in the words that I write so that somehow the reader feels braver and bolder than the author ever will be.

July 7, 2006. My 26th birthday. We are eating dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant, Winchester’s. Can I just tell you about the macaroni and cheese? Is there a word limit on these post things?!? I wish I could articulate the beauty of this meal to you. So much cheesy noodle goodness.

[When one could write paragraphs of praise about specific food items, that’s called an “issue”. Let’s just be clear about that. The first step to recovery is admitting you have an addiction.]

Anyways, my dad hands me an envelope and tells me to open it. Everyone at the table is quite anticipatory about the envelope. So I’m betting it’s something rather special. Like the keys to a brand new….

Yeah right.

But when I open it, it’s a gift and a note from Daddy, his signature handwriting, inked by the same pen he’s used in every card he’s given me since birth. Through tear-blurred eyes [shocker] I read,

Hopefully this will help you step towards your dream.

The gift was great, but what remains with me is the fact that my family supports my desire to be a writer. I framed the letter the next day.

And the day I created this blog, I was sitting at my desk, staring at the wall wondering what in the world kind of title was I going to use. Catchy and deep. That key combination of words that really makes you believe the writer has a pool of wisdom to splash in. [So I was looking to deceive you, is what I’m trying to say.] And sitting on my desk was the framed letter. I reread the entire thing (as I do most days).

I remember thinking, “Yeah, a blog is taking a step towards my dream.”

And Voila! Here we are. Maybe not so catchy and deep, but no words are truer for me when it comes to writing.

And for the past 3 months, the Lord has been gently moving me. You may have noticed, if you are an astute blog reader, that my title has morphed a bit.

It was “Step Towards Your Dream”.

And it’s recently been “take a step. towards your dream.”

Tonight, I’ve changed it to give you a better idea of where I’m at and what God is doing. Because in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some steps I’m taking.

This is a front row seat to what could be a glorious masterpiece or a bang-up disaster. Both are possible.

Question: “Annie, why in the WORLD are you putting this on your blog?”

Answer: Because I want you see God showing up for me, a girl who despises change and cuddles with comfort, and I want you to see Him taking me deeper and making me braver. And meeting my heart’s desires.


Even if I fail, it is time to be brave. To take steps instead of just write about them. And honestly, the failure comes in staying still. My heart feels victorious in just taking a step.

My life, it seems, is like a play. I’ve told the Lord many times that I’m willing for my hoorays and heartbreaks to be lived out on any stage before any audience IF (and only if!) He would be glorified in it. If somehow people would see Him and know Him. And love Him.

So take your seats. Intermission is over. The curtain for the next scene is about to rise.

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