It is so hard to say goodbye….

especially when you can’t leave.

What you will enjoy is that it is 1:21pm in Ghana- we got to the airport at 6:45am. Our flight was at 9:45am. Do the math. The plane didn’t leave.

There’s something here we like to call “Harmaton”- pretty much the Sahara blows a ton of sand all over Africa and Ghana is in Africa. That, my friends, is the problem we face. Good ole Harmy has loaded the sky with dust and sand, thus making it impossible for our Delta plane to LAND to unload. Don’t worry about them, though- they’re in Benin. (I don’t even know where that is)

So, I presently sit in a lounge with our entire flight crew. No one has even offered me a drink or told me to sit up straight.

There is a real chance that we won’t leave Ghana until tomorrow. Which is hilarious to me. Good thing I like it. If I didn’t, someone would have to slap my face by now and probably put me in a straight jacket.

A mean faced man just gave me a look, and Ryan gave me the owl call- a symbol that someone was waiting on a computer. It made me laugh out loud.

Pray. God’s thoughts and ways are always higher than ours. I wonder what He’s up to?

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