It only takes a day.

Do you half-wish I would bust into “it only takes a spark, to get a fire go-o-ing”?  Welcome back, Summer Camp 1986 Annie.  I’ve missed you and your curly perm.  [Don’t ask. I won’t show you a picture.]

Today I was drawn to the story of Joseph in Genesis. You know him- technicolor dream coat, sold by his brothers, ends up in Egypt, gets wrongly thrown in jail for being gentlemanly to Potiphar’s wife. [Seriously, God should have hired me to write the Bible. I just summarized, like, 2 chapters in 1 sentence. I’m good y’all.]

[Mama, am I in trouble for making a Bible joke? I was just kidding. God knows I wasn’t the best writer for the job.]

So Joseph sits in jail for a LONG TIME. And then God gives him the correct interpretation for Pharaoh’s dreams and Joseph, in one day, goes from prisoner to top dog.  Literally.  Pharaoh, in Genesis 41:41, puts Joseph in charge of the whole land of Egypt.

Joseph prayed to get out of jail for a long time. There were even other prisoners released that said they would put a good word in for our man Joe. But they forgot.  For TWO YEARS. Uh, fellas, this isn’t like forgetting to put your dishes in the dishwasher. THIS IS FORGETTING TO GET A FRIEND OUT OF JAIL, DUMMIES.

But then in one day. One command. Joseph’s whole life changed. I bet he thought there was a chance he’d be in there forever. But God knew different.

I’m sure there are things you’ve been praying for. Maybe for a really long time. Or situations that are sad or crappy [sorry about the language, Mama. Strike 2].  I know I have a list of things in my life that feel like I’ve been in a jail cell begging to get out. To no avail.

Today I simply just want to bring you encouragement, friend. IT ONLY TAKES ONE COMMAND. One day. And the whole situation, your whole situation, can change. Don’t give up. DON’T QUIT PRAYING.

Sitting here, I could not get Beth Moore’s Patriarchs study out of my mind. So I hopped up, grabbed the book, and flipped to the lesson on Joseph being forgotten.  And of course, because God RULEZ, my favorite Beth Moore quote EVER is in this exact lesson-

“Heaven is replete with angelic activity as God faithfully completes in the spiritual realms what He will release in the visible realms when the time is right.” -Beth Moore

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

So go back to God again today, bring that same topic up again, beg again, ask again, seek again, knock again, cry again. Whatever. But just know, one day soon, because He is faithful, He will release down here what He’s doing up there.

And according to Joseph’s life, it’s worth the wait. But you’ll have to take his word for it- not mine. I’m the prisoner chained beside you, sharing a story of freedom that gave me hope.

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