It’s a good world. Gone real bad.

Remember how I was on my way to Athens around 4pm?

Well, 45 minutes later…. only TEN MILES LATER…. I realize these things:

1) I might be a little bit tardy. I hate that.

2) Oh yeah, here’s why…. everyone else is heading out of town today because
a. most schools are out.
b. it’s Memorial Day Weekend.

3) And oh yeah, it’s Atlanta. On a Friday.

4) I left my driver’s license on my bedside table. On Memorial Day Weekend. Where police have road blocks every day.


So I make the necessary phone calls, to a disappointed high school graduate, to my parents, to my A-town friends who were expecting to throw down with me tonight. I say this- “Ok, I’m gonna head back to my house, grab my license, and see if by some miracle I can make it by 6:15pm.”

I turn around. At 4:45pm.

I get to my house, remember only about 12 miles of travel, at 5:47pm.

Whether Math comes easy to you or not, you’ve probably figured this out- arriving home at 5:47pm, needing to drive 80 miles, and arrive by 6:15pm, is not going to happen.

So here I sit. Missing a graduation. Dang it.

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