It’s all in a [twitter] name.


Well, I’ve been meaning to tell y’all this story.

When I dove into the twitter world and became @AnnieBlogs in 2007, I did that because I thought it would be smart to not have my last name on the internet. I thought it would be wise to keep my real life a bit private. In fact, it was years that I didn’t use my last name on this blog or on the world wide web.

Sidenote: one of the best quotes anyone ever said to me was, “Just remember, if the internet dies, so does AnnieBlogs. Better make sure Annie Downs has a real life.” It was a timely word and I remind myself often that my off-line life deserves more time and energy than my on-line life.

So for years, AnnieBlogs has been the online version of Annie Downs and it has all worked out fine and good.

Then this little thing released into the world. And suddenly not only was my last name out to the world, but also my middle initial.


There goes keeping Downs off the internet.

I used to have great ideas in 2007.

And so now that anyone who cares can know HELLO MY NAME IS ANNIE F. DOWNS and yet, on every corner of the internet, I was still AnnieBlogs.

So at the suggestion of some/many smarter business people said, “we thinks it’s time for you to make the ol’ switcharoo.” Especially for the dear little teen gals who read the book, it will be much easier for them to find me on twitter and use lots of emojis and abbrevs when they tweet at me.

They are my people, after all.

And while I knew in my mind it was the right decision, my heart was like, “NO WAY I AM SO ATTACHED TO ANNIEBLOGS THAT I CANNOT SEPARATE MYSELF…”

… and then it was switched. Like pulling off a bandaid. By the magic of twitter, I am no longer @annieblogs on twitter, though I do still own that account.

So that is the story of how I became @AnnieDowns.


. . . . .

For the Sparkly Green Earrings book giveaway…. Congrats to winner #13 Allyson Smallwood, as picked by Hannah in my small group. Woot.

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