It’s not really a “crush” per say….

I mean, IF I was a lot younger …..

and IF he lived anywhere close ….

and IF I were a cartoon character ….

I would totally have a crush on Peter Pan.

For starters, Peter is funny. Really funny. I would even go so far as to say witty.

And he is quite caring. He saves Wendy’s life more than once, he rescues the Indian princess, and he is in charge of the care and protection of all those lost boys. Let’s be honest- he runs a missionary orphanage. That’s attractive.

He loves to listen to Wendy’s stories. That’s just such a nice gesture. I mean, they are all stories about Peter, but none the less.

He never worries. He just takes charge and handles the situation. Peter won’t be intimidated, either. “Bring it, Captain Hook. You don’t scare me.” He’s courageous- how many times does he get himself right in the thick of trouble and then poof, he’s out? Lots, I tell you. A little mind trickery, magic dust, and quick movements and he’s laughing all the way to the missionary orphanage.

He’s strong. He’s smart. He’s brave. He’s a dude’s dude, y’all. That’s all I’m saying.

Sure, there are the obvious drawbacks.

Yes, he wears tights. I understand that is not overly masculine. And this stance, ahem, doesn’t really scream manly. The entire outfit lacks some style. It’s not that he lacks flair, he’s got that. Just style. But who can blame him? He runs a MISSIONARY ORPHANAGE, people. His priority is not wearing the best cut jeans.

No, he doesn’t really have a steady job. And he’s pretty much known around the world for not wanting to grow up. Honestly, I can’t invest in that kind of guy at this point.

And he does carry a weapon, which always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Then there is that Tinkerbell. Jealous little sprite. I seriously could not deal with that kind of co-dependence on a daily basis.

And, as previously mentioned, the biggest hurdle is that I’m not a cartoon.

So, I guess I just need to be realistic here. It would never work between us.

Well, another bites the dust. Sigh…..

[Yeah, you’re right. This is ridiculous. I always crush on famous guys.]

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