It’s not you. It’s me.

I just have too much to do today to blog anything worth your time, so I will make a quick list-

— I had a meeting this morning with the youth dude at Midtown. Remember- I blogged about it HERE and then the dramatic conclusion is HERE.  [And I say “dramatic”, because really, its just funnier that way.]

— There is some SUPER COOL stuff coming down the pipe from Mocha Club.  All I can say at this point is that I could not be more excited and I’m pretty sure that the little dorky-blogger flame in my soul has officially been sparked into a raging fire.  Seriously.  I can not WAIT to tell you everything.  Just hang on.  For 15 days.

— Oh yeah. I actually have a job I have to work on and a BIG FAT UGLY deadline next Tuesday.  Sometimes I just have to remind myself that 1. I am the new girl on the writing block and 2. Anything the Lord provides for me is a gift and 3. He has not given me something that is too hard for me.  Even when it feels like it.

— My parents and I had a BLAST last week.  Mom took all the pictures, so as soon as I get some, you’ll see them.

— Oh, and.  This weekend I dressed as a ladybug.  With wings.  The kind of wings that cause disasters.  More on that tomorrow.  But suffice it to say that the Lord is actively keeping me humble.  So whoever is praying that I would reek of humility, you can stop now- God got the message.

Best of luck to you on this Monday.

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