I’ve been listed.

No kidding, I have no idea how this all happened in one week, but I’ve been listed. And I’m super grateful.

Thanks to Matthew Paul Turner for saying I’m one of the 25 Christian blogs you should be reading. [But, uh, you are here, so you already read me, so I guess he wasn’t talking to you. Or to my mom.]

Thanks to HopefulLeigh for putting me in the Top 25 Lady-Bloggers who love Jesus and happen to be single. [Lady? Check. Blogger? Check. Love Jesus? Check. Single? Sheesh. Yes. 🙂]

Thanks to Sarah Bessey for setting me within this group of 50 Church and Faith Lady-Bloggers. [Is it because I’m pushing 32 that I keep getting called a “lady”? Or it is because I have a killer curtsy?]

If you’ve popped over from one of those blogs, thanks for stopping by. I hope you stick around.

And you know what I super-dee-dooper love about these lists? Man, it has shown me tons more blogs that I want to be reading! My goal is to read a post from each blog that I’ve never read before on these lists- luckily, a few of my pals are on each list, so it’s not like I’m reading 100 blogs posts. Because, phew, I‘ve done that before and it. is. tiring. awesome. 🙂

. . . . .

Who is your favorite Christian blogger right now? [Don’t say me. But you can say you.]

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