Jeff’s Surprise Party. Booyah.

It’s not every day that Jarrett’s daddy turns 30. Actually, it’s not today. Or yesterday. But the surprise party WAS yesterday. And it ruled.

Except when poor Jarrett was subjected to this torture. God help that boy being raised in a house divided. Go dawgs.
Here’s Jarrett helping Jeff blow out his tool candles. Haley found those and I think they are awesome. Haley, Christian, Molly, and I made a practice German Chocolate Cake (Jeff’s fav) a few weeks ago, insuring our performance last night would be perfect. Aside from the liquidy icing (notice puddle), it went really well.
After the main party ended, and Christian was exhausted from making margaritas (in a rita machine that she OWNS- you’re so jealous), a crazy game began downstairs with the red pool ball, the cue ball, and sprinting around the table- a version of HORSE. I’m not going to take time/space to explain it all, but I will show you this picture of (L to R) Tyler, Jeff, Philip, and Junior playing the game. It was funny. And sweaty.
In fact, Junior got so warm, that he decided to go outside, and then apparently he was missing out on something, so he had to get back in the thick of things. And scare Haley to death.
The party was WAY fun. Haley is great at throwing parties, if you need that done. In fact, if you want to PAY her to throw a party for you, I’m sure she’d be down with that.

Part of me wants to be cheesy here about how awesome Jeff is and how grateful I am for him and Haley and Jarrett, but just imagine a sweet paragraph inserted in this space about how I love the Watkins and let’s call it a night.

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