Just some bits of internet gold.

If you haven’t yet, all you crazy bloggers should join the Mocha Club campaign that is starting soon- a teaser- it’s called I Need Africa.  If you still want play along, just let me know.

I have some internet things to share.

[Apparently I feel very “to the point” right now.  Hmm.  Rare.]

First of all, have you heard of THIS WEBSITE?  Where you swap paperback books?  Now I haven’t tried it myself but that was only because I heard of it this weekend and I couldn’t see my bookshelves to pick which ones to switch.  Cause I have a little book addiction. Don’t judge me.

And the sick truth is 1. I have read all of these and 2. Most of the shelves are 2 books deep.  Look closely.

I guess it’s a good addiction, right?  Better than crack, or so they say.

I have three songs repeating in my life right now-

  1. In Better Hands by Natalie Grant
  2. Up To The Mountain by Patty Griffin (performed first for my ears by Reba and Kelly)
  3. Could’ve Sworn It Was You by Annie Parsons

I’m also finding that I frequent money savings websites and these two have been real pleasures as of late-

  1. One Goodie– One fun home item a day (which you know I am sucker for all things homegoods related) and one baby item a day (yeah, not really “for my house” right now, but cute.)
  2. Bargain Briana– This girl don’t mess around.  She will save you some doll hairs for realz.

I also love this Throw Out 50 Things Challenge– cause honestly folks, how many of us literally could give away/sell/toss AT LEAST 50 sundry items in our lives?  I’m doin’ it, yo. And documenting it on my blog. Because that is sadly how my mind works 87% of the time now.

And some housekeeping clicks-

If you want to follow me on TWITTER, I’d love it, but you have to have an account.  I tried to have mine unlocked so anyone could see it and follow, but you would be in shock and awe if you saw the amount of trash that requested to follow me.  Mainly spammers.  And Florida Gators.

[ba-dum-ching!  I’ll be here all night folks. Tip your waitresses.  Try the lasagna.]

Also, if you are still checking all the blogs you love everyday, crossing your fingers for a new post only to realize that Jimmy-Never-Post has let you down again?  Go to GOOGLE READER, subscribe to all the blogs you read (you know, like this one here) and then you never have to waste a click on Jimmy-Never-Post again. Google Reader will just show you the ones that update.  I find it helpful and enjoyable, two of my favorite things.

And finally, a cankle update:

It’s feeling much better.  I have most of the rotation back and can almost stand on it without pain.  I still have a bit of a limp, but that’s cause I’m cool like dat.  I’m regaining strength, but it will be a while before my next 5K. Sorry, Annie Parsons.

And by the way, a “cankle” is a fat ankle- like your calf goes straight to your foot.  I thought that was a common term.  Apparently it is not.  My apologies.

The big closer- a new photo.

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