Le Lovely Links.

Being that my mom and sister are currently in France, I thought I should speak a little French in le title.

You’re welcome. [De rien.]

I have a little list of links that I’ve been meaning to share with you. So I’ve gathered them all up today and bring them to you, commercial free.

[I don’t know what that means, but it totally fits there, doesn’t it?]

. . . . .

One of my favorite magazines for teen girls is Susie Magazine. [You should subscribe. Seriously.] Susie Magazine is one of le Top 10 contest finalists to get on le shelf at Wal-Mart.

Yes. THE Wal-Mart. LE Wal-Mart.

Y’all. A teen Christian girl magazine getting featured at Wal-Mart? That’s some God sized stuff right there.

Will you vote for Susie Magazine? Puh-lease? You can vote via Facebook and texting every day for le next week or so.

. . . . .

You know already that I’m on facebook, twitter, and instagram. But. I’m sorry to say. I’ve fallen to le pressure of pinterest.

And I love it.

So far, I have mainly found it to be a good spot to collect all manner of glittery objects. And as you know, that’s a win to me.

Follow along if you don’t mind lots of glitter and words and recipes.

. . . . .

My friend Jenny at Dinner: A Love Story [which you’ve heard me make mention of before] released her beautiful book trailer yesterday. I want you to see it.

. . . . .

My friend Andy is doing a cool pre-release of his album Leonard, The Lonely Astronaut. This is seriously one of le coolest album ideas going right now. Check it out.

. . . . .

Have you heard of Very Jane?

It’s like Groupon meets Etsy and makes lots of happy shoppers. I’m obsessed right now. I’ve only bought one deal, but I love love love looking at le deals every day. What an awesome service for Etsy shops!

. . . . .

My pals Lady Antebellum have a new tumblr with tons of pictures. I think it’s really fun.

I particularly love this picture. My people, they are so happy. Which makes me so happy.

. . . . .

Lyndsay Rush is doing this series of HILARIOUS one-liners. You should subscribe to her blog and you’ll get to laugh a lot. Almost every day.

This is a personal favorite …. because I’m afraid it is kinda true. Blame Nashville.

. . . . .

Will you now share a link with le bloggy world in le comment section? I’d love to see a post you’ve recently read that you love, a new website that is blowing your mind, something funny, your pinterest link, whatever!

Link it up, y’all.

Happy Wednesday!

Or as they say in France, écureuil!

[That actually means “squirrel” but it is my favorite word in French and I’m not sure I will ever have le chance to drop it on AnnieBlogs ever again. So. Today it is. Thanks for understanding.]

[Also. No one paid me or gave me free stuff to talk about their websites, etc. I just genuinely love this stuff. Just so ya know.]

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