Leaving Hawaii….

Or as they say here, “Ha-vi-ee”.

Which I think is funny.

We’ve been spending time together as a family and I’ve not really spent tons of time on ye old blog. Don’t take it personally.

We’ve had a great time- meeting Tatum’s friends, eating Thanksgiving in multiple places, hanging on the North Shore, eating at many-a-local places, all the things that make a My Sister Lives In Hawaii vacation.

Including moments like these…

[I’m smack in the middle of the boat- blue tank top. Genuine “this isn’t so scary, sharks can’t get me” smile on my face.]

We rode three waves. This is the first one. The second one? We sunk.

Which, if you know how I feel about the ocean and the idea of sharks, then you know that I was making a decision not to FULL ON FREAK OUT.

Dad loved the adventure of it all.

I loved being back on land.

Speaking of being back on land, we return to the mainland tonight. Sad to leave Tatum, but happy to be returning to my normal bed and my normal life where it is cold at Christmas.

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving.

This was one of our best holidays yet.

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