Let’s have an honest conversation.

I love blogging.

Y’all know I do.

In fact, some people [like Marisa] would say that blogging is my love language. And those some people would probably be right.

But it takes a lot of time. To write the posts. To reply to comments. To think about the future posts. It’s a beautiful use of my time.

But there never seems to be enough time.

I ADORE my job at Mocha Club [“like” us? please?], and that gets a lot of my time.

I have a deep fondness for Help-Portrait, and that gets a lot of my time.

I love to write for Susie Magazine, (in)courage, and other random opportunities that fly across my radar. Time.

I love my friends, and there are few out there that need my time right now. And I’m glad they do.

So each day, my work wins. My writing wins. My family wins. My friends win.

And by then, it’s 10pm and I’m pooped for realz. [I’m 30 now. Remember?]

And the blog loses.

Which is worrisome for a blogger. Because, whether this is right or wrong, when I don’t blog every day I worry that you will leave and not come back. I worry that I’m losing my touch, that my humor well is running dry. There are a lot of lies that I fight in my head when it comes to social media and sometimes the best way to beat those lies is to stare them in the face and say, “prove it.”

So I fear I’ll be forgotten? Then I choose to be quiet.

So I fear that my bloggy skillz will disappear like the morning dew? Then I choose to be quiet.

Because what happens if, in the quiet, everyone does leave? WILL I SURVIVE? Will my life go on if I lose followers on twitter or if blog readers decided not to swing by everyday?

In the quiet, everything falls into place and the truth wins.

My blog is absolutely one of my favorite things. But I am good at being Annie, with or without AnnieBlogs.

My life is busy. I love my life. And I love to blog. And everyday I am trying to learn how to balance living in here [AnnieBlogs] and living out there [Annie Downs].

Thanks for your patience while I’ve lived out there for a while.

Le balance? It hath returned.

[I know, I mixed French and olden days English. Sue me. I’m just hopping back in the saddle.]

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