Love is a choice?


I mean, I’ve heard it before and heaven knows there are people that I have had to choose to love before. Or at least pretend like I was loving them when in reality my mind was screaming things at them that my mouth would never allow to exit.

That being said. I’m choosing to love WordPress.

Not in a “lots of ugly things are running through my mind”, but more in a “this is the way it should be so I’m going to fake it until I make it”. A life lesson I learned in 2003 from my roommate.

So I love WordPress.

And soon all my blog life will be hubbed here. I will feel at home and comfortable. I won’t ignore the things that surround the post area because it is just easier to pretend like I don’t see them instead of realizing I’m too dumb to understand them. And someday, WordPress will be my b-fry, my nearest internet friend, and I will thank Melanie and Sophie for directing me here, and I will send Lauren, my blog-master, many a free gifts and bribes for all her hard work.

And I’ll love my new home. My new blog home.

I’ve never liked moving. I’ve never liked change. Apparently that issue o mine transcends all areas of my life, including ye old blog.

I choose to love you, WordPress. Even though I don’t understand you. Not even a little bit.

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