MacBook and Manning. Bad combo.

Let me just tell you. I love my MacBook. I promise I do….. I think….. But there is a mild (major) amount of frustration that is bubbling in me because I’ve been sitting here for an HOUR AND A HALF trying to edit and upload pictures. When I researched this purchase ($$), I thought iPhoto was going to be my best friend…. tonight it has been my enemy. O iPhoto, I will defeat you. Or at least learn how to use you to my fullest advantage. Aaron, or some other Mac-lova, help me.

I was really motivated and inspired to blog (and it was GOOD), but it has slowly drained from me with each re-edit of the same photos. But I finally got some pictures on here, so I’ve got to blog something. It’s now 12:54am; I’ve been sitting on my couch trying to work this out since 11:35pm.

And did anyone else plan to watch SNL thinking that Peyton Manning was going to be hilarious? Well, it’s been lame. And that added to my frustration. I miss Will Ferrell. But the skit on right now- it’s decent. Peyton just said, “I slow danced with the dog today.” He also said, “I walked around today with a piece of ham in my pocket just so that I would have a secret.” That’s funny.

Oh my gosh!! The only picture I had been able to load onto my blog just got deleted. I was ready to prep you for a good blog tomorrow, and now…… there are no words…….

Yes there are. I just don’t type them.

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