Marble cake is jokes.

(that title is for you, Marie and Kathleen.)

Here’s another good school story for your enjoyment. And my amazement/embarrassment. I’ll tell you what- my kids are TURNING OUT the one liners these days. It’s like they’ve been influenced by a genius comedienne on a daily basis for approximately 20 weeks. Strange.

This story involves 2 students and moi. (The names have been changed to protect the employee in the situation… that being me. I could probably get fired for really using the kids’ names.)

Student #1- Meg. Long brown hair, tan year round, sweet with a hint of sass. Giver.

Student #2- Kate. African-American girl, short braids, sass with a hint of sweet. Pretty much my assistant- aka “runs my life”. Organizes my desk, gets my lunch for the teacher workroom, answers questions like, “Kate, where did I put that sticker?”. She’s good. Real good.

Both awesome girls.

During recess, the girls were sitting near me because it is TOO COLD OUTSIDE to play. [We prefer contained chaos in our classrooms to frozen buns on the playground.]

Meg brought a piece of cake, much like this one. I was eating my snack, checking my email, and I looked over my shoulder and noticed the cake. Duh. So, jokingly, I say to Meg, “You gonna share or what?”

She pinches off a piece of cake from the exact spot that her nose was digging in moments before [yuck] and offers it to me.

Kate steps in and puts her hand over Meg’s and slowly lowers it to the desk. Then, with a glimpse in my direction Kate says, “Ms. Downs, I’ll take care of this.”

With a stone cold serious face, she looked Meg in the eyes and said,

“Ms. Downs wouldn’t be interested. She’s on a Weight Watchers program.”

Uh. Thanks.

And that is the point that I erupted into laughter, doubled over on the desk, and then ran next door and said, “KATE JUST WROTE MY BLOG FOR TONIGHT!!”

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