Midnight musings.

Because literally, it’s midnight and I have no idea where this blog post is going.

I guess I’ll just explain some things about some things.

1. The girls Bible study that I attend is doing Beth Moore’s Breaking Free. So. You can imagine how it is tearing.my.life.apart. [If you’ve ever done this study, you know exactly what I mean.] This entire winter/spring, my spiritual life is actually being somewhat dissected and messed with in general. So forgive me if we miss a few bloggy days here or there. I’m possibly on my face praying and dealing with God about something.


2. Also, I finally finished moving and unpacking boxes. My room is cutey-patootie. I’ve found the real joy is this little area. [Forgive the un-hung painting. That’s the final step to room completion.]

There are approximately 45 jokes I want to make about this picture above [something about the shoes, about the “Gospel-Centered Life” notebook, about the abundance of off-white], but I’ll spare you.

This was my grandmother’s bedside table and for the first time since I inherited it in 1999, I feel like it’s living up to its potential.

3. I never know whether to say “it’s” or “its” and I feel really bad about it. Don’t judge me.

4. I have a new video on the GET FIT website. [At some point, I am really going to HAVE to quit choosing humor over self-respect.]

5. I am super excited that I get to go to Marietta for a few days next week. It’s Molly’s birthday party AND my friend Jennifer will be having a baby AND my parents are there AND I’m speaking at a chapel service for a private school AND I’m seeing some friends from my former life when I had good insurance as a teacher AND I’m hoping Kathleen will let me come over and hang out with her family and maybe she’ll teach me how to cook something new.

Pretty much, I’m homesick.

6. Saturday morning is book club. My favorite day of the month.

7. Ben Rector’s album Into The Morning comes out today. His voice is like the ocean. You should get it. [Not his voice. Who do you think you are? Ursula? I meant you should get his album. Sheesh.]

8. Also, plan on attending the Help Haiti Live event. Even if you aren’t in Nashville or LA, you can watch online. Good music for a good cause? Don’t mind if I do.

9. Wanna see how some girls are meeting a unique ministry need here in Nashville? Check out Road Widows.

10. Thanks for being here today. Tell me something. I’m all ears.

[BONUS: Spell-check just corrected “patootie” from “patootey.” There’s your spelling lesson for today.]

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