This is a story of endurance and determination. But first, some history.

One of my favorite dudes, Ryan, got in my car about a year ago, put a CD in the player, and said, “I’m about to change your life”. I doubted that. [Forgive me, Ryan.] He sat back and as Nathan Angelo‘s “Through Playing Me” began, I was immediately hooked. Ryan just smiled to himself. He knows me so well. I fell in love with the music, the vocals, the lyrics, the piano. And I haven’t recovered yet.

So a few weeks ago when my friends Dee Dee and Shannon were going to see Nathan perform here in ATL, I jumped at the chance since I had never seen him live. Because HE RULES ALL THINGS PIANO.

We found a great spot in front of the stage so we would be able to see the show. Nice, huh?Then this happened…..
What the? Yes, two wall-sized men came and stood directly in front of me. I mean, seriously. Could you block my view any more? I wanted to tap them on the shoulders and say, “You make a better door than a window”, but really. That would accomplish nothing but proving that I live my days with 4th graders. You see Nathan on stage there between their shoulders? Barely? Yeah, me too. Dear sirs, you stink.

So I left a bit downtrodden and disappointed. Obviously, my ears still were thrilled, but my eyes were sad. In case you didn’t know, it’s hard to reconcile those two facial emotions.

Last week, a friend from high school was having a party at his house. When I saw the evite, I almost passed out. Nathan Angelo. Performing at a house. In Marietta. Booyah.

And that’s when I knew it was time. Time to begin a mission.


Because I may get blocked once, but I won’t stand for that (or behind that) twice. No siree. I will see Nathan Angelo with my eyes.

So I go to the party, though I hadn’t talked to the party thrower in ten years. Good music causes me to do things that I normally would avoid due to high levels of awkward. Apparently.

We sat down as Nathan began to sing. Please view the view, because that is priceless.
Uh… you got that right. No blockage. No tall guys. And he was good, y’all. So good. If you haven’t heard him, go ahead and buy the CD. You’ll thank me later.

So… you happy now, Annie? Not quite. Because you bloggites KNOW I’m shameless, and because there is nothing I won’t do for a good story, I talked with Nathan. I explained the situation. The low points, the high points. The views.

Then this happened….
Yeah, we are totally friends now. Kinda. Sorta. Ish.

And that is what I call MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Lesson to be learned? Never give up. But also, please don’t be creepy.


[Thanks to Shannon for being the blog-ographer and having her camera at every Angelo opportunity.]

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