As I’m sitting here working on Scotland stuff, I thought I’d take a break and bring you into the moment. What are my must-haves when I’m writing? Well, let me tell you.

1) It must either be SILENT or there is one channel on iTunes radio called “Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio” that is really quite lovely, so that is playing right now. (which the announcer just said that Whisperings is coming to ATL live and in concert. Would they mind if I brought my laptop?)

2) My Bible, though if truth be told, I usually end up using Let’s just be honest- it is a lot easier to search a word and then cut and paste. Is there a term for that? Oh yeah…. lazy.

3) Multiple journals. There’s some good fodder to run with in there. Don’t worry, names are changed for the sake of the guilty and innocent. I’m usually both.

4) My cell phone. Come on. I still gotta talk to folks.

5) Fruit. Don’t ask why, just embrace it. Today, pineapple chunks are the snack of choice.

6) Natural light. Lamps are for the birds as long as the sun is up. Believe you me, it is not easy to write by moonlight, so lights will be used within the next couple of hours. I feel like the sun is white and the lamps are yellow. That is probably wrong, but it’s how I feel and I believe in validating my feelings, okay?

7) A pen. I don’t have a good reason why, I just know that about an hour ago I said outloud, “Ah! Where’s my pen?” and then I went downstairs and got it. I still haven’t even used it, but I feel better on the inside.

So, there’s that.

I saw Evan Almighty today with my friend Kathleen. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It’s good. Real good. Why?

1) Steve Carell as Evan. (aka Noah)

2) Lorelai Gilmore as Joan, his wife. And really, couldn’t they have come up with a better name? I called her Allison in my head- Ally for short. (I don’t care if think that is weird because I already know it is.)

3) Morgan Freeman as GOD. I wanted to hug him. (Probably because the #1 I’m looking forward to is hugging Him.)

If that wasn’t enough, the whole theme of trusting God even when you have no idea why, and losing things for that, and redemption in that, was beautiful to watch. It made me totally reexamine Noah and the sacrifices he made and the questions I hope he asked.

Enough. Back to Scotland writing. Thanks for being my “study break”, for lack of a better word. Pray for me, friends.

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