My Christmas is now your Christmas.

I got two gifts this Christmas that I just must tell you about. I love them and you have the chance to love them as well.

[These gifts were not given as a “will you blog about me?” gift. These were real gifts. From the Magi. I’m kidding. I’m not Jesus. But I thought that was funny. Maybe not…]


Santa provided this first gift in my stocking. And after having to spend last evening cheering for Auburn because they are the SEC team, it was nice to snuggle into my bed and see this pretty letters….

straight from UGA’s campus! How cool is that? They have photographed letters on multiple campuses around the southeast, and will continue to expand. I think these are awesome and I love my Dawgs.

Hop over there and check it out– especially if you know someone graduating this spring or an Auburn fan [barf] or if you just like pretty photographs of abstract letters.

Interesting sidenote: I knew a guy in college who always used “godawgssicem” as his password. That is too long and doesn’t have numbers or characters, so it wouldn’t be effective now. But isn’t that weird? Easy to remember if you go to Georgia though. GO DAWGS SIC EM!

I hope he doesn’t mind me telling you that.

. . . . . . . . . .


I got home one night in December from a very romantic dinner date [complete lie] and sitting on my porch was a sweet little Christmas gift.

I opened it and immediately recognized that bird!


Sweet Hollie had made me one of her Hope Sewn Journals with my own personal bird! I was thrilled. I think her journals are absolutely beautiful and I thought you may want to know that she has her own Etsy Store and you can get a journal too.

I’m a maj picky journal person. Just ask my sister Sally who still is a bit scarred by the Journal Gifting Incident of 2003 involving she and I and Christmas and a unlined journal. But with this trip to Scotland next week, and having officially stalled out on my current journal [know what I mean?], I will start writing in my Hope Sewn journal this week.

You know, writing things like:

“This is gonna be so fun!”


“Scotland is going to be the coolest experience ever.”

“Scotland is a terrible idea. Why don’t you just stay HOME?!?”

You know, the typical ‘under-this-awesome-is-a-massive-pile-of-scary’ journal entries.

Ooookkkaayy…. this fun and cool gift blog post just took a sudden left turn into my scary place. So we’ll stop here for today.  [I’m gonna talk about my minor Scotland freak outs later this week, don’t you worry about that. Just not right now.]

See y’all tomorrow.

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